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PostNow is here to help you send direct mail campaigns to your constituents as cost-effectively as possible. We have partnered with Canada Post to make it simple to get your discount on postage as well as be a printer that will provide print & mail prep service.
At this crucial moment, the Canadian mail sector faces a decisive choice: to lead towards a greener and more sustainable future or fall short of public expectations. Our responsibility is clear—to uphold the highest environmental standards, recognizing the industry’s significance for Canadians and the economy.

Our Commitment To Your Sustainability Goals

A visionary coalition has emerged, including paper manufacturers, marketers, printers, and mailing houses.

They formed the Sustainable Mail Group (SMG) with a mission: to be environmental custodians, offering sustainable solutions aligned with responsible consumer demand.

PostNow is a proud supporter and affiliate to this group and we have now incorporated these values into our system.

We’re Helping To Grow A Forest with Project Forest

Project Forest is a non-profit focused on rewilding local landscapes to capture carbon naturally. Made up of a team of passionate changemakers, we’re creating a community of companies working together to plant forests where Canadians can enjoy them most—close to home.

Together, we’re re-wilding Canada’s landscape. We’re capturing carbon to create clean air. And we’re doing it with people like you — one forest at a time.

It's easy to do your part!

Simply opt-in to offset the carbon used in your campaign during your checkout and that’s it!

For every 10KG of paper used in campaigns sent through the PostNow direct mail platform, you can plant a tree to offset not only your carbon impact, but the entire lifecycle impact of your mail piece. A tree costs approximately $6.50.  And when you opt to plant a tree, we plant another one alongside! That's double the impact and we are proud to be your environmental partner in making that impact.

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Our Overarching Mission
Is As Follows:

To assume the role of environmental custodians within the direct mail industry, offering continuous thought leadership and sustainable solutions that align with the consumer demand for responsible mail.

Widespread cooperation fuels effective knowledge-sharing and vision achievement.

“A harmonious mail ecosystem where industry professionals work in unison, producing sustainable mail that propels us toward a better, cleaner future.”

Our Commitment Towards The Circular Economy

We are shifting towards 100% sustainable paper consumption and distribution.

Our mail pieces will be printed only using vegetable-based or soy-based inks, low VOC inks, or water-based inks.

By optimizing our shipping logistics and exploring new pallet wrap options, we're committed to going carbon neutral.

Canada Post Environmental Initiatives

Canada Post has earmarked $1 billion towards climate action and meeting science-based target commitments

By reducing 50%  in scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 (from a 2019 base year).

Engaging 67% of our suppliers (by spend) and all of our subsidiaries in adopting science-based emission reduction targets by 2025.

Reaching net-zero GHG emissions across our value chain by 2050 (from a 2019 base year).
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Net-Zero & Sustainability Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most common questions when it comes to PostNows' commitment to sustainability.

Is direct mail environmentally sustainable?

Direct mail campaigns sent through PostNow are 100% environmentally sustainable.

We offset all of our carbon and continue to improve our daily operations to reduce our environmental impact.

Full information is available on direct mail’s sustainability from the Sustainable Mail Group.

PostNow is Canadian Owned & Operated
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