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    Shop Pre-Built Direct Marketing Campaigns

    Order a direct mail campaign quickly with our Pre-Built Campaigns. These Canada Post Smartmail Marketing campaigns include targeting, print, design template edits, and postage. These campaigns can be sent out in as little as 5 days too.

    For custom direct mail campaigns use the Direct Mail Campaign Builder.

    Why PostNow for Direct Mail?

    • Campaigns ready in 3 days!
    • Order campaigns from 150-100,000 pieces.
    • Canadian-owned & operated.
    • Canada Post Expert Partners

    How to Order a Pre-Built Direct Mail Campaign

    Ordering a pre-built direct mail campaign from PostNow is easy! Follow the steps below to quickly order a campaign to help you reach your marketing goals.

    1. Browse available pre-built direct mail campaigns.
    2. Add the desired campaign to your cart along with any addons.
    3. Checkout & pay.
    4. Wait for your account manager to reach out to collect any necessary details.

    After that, you can sit back and relax while we handle all the complex parts of a direct mail campaign for you.


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    PostNow is Canadian Owned & Operated
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