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PostNow is Canada’s First Online Direct Mail Campaign Builder

Creating a direct mail campaign wasn’t always easy - or cost-effective. As Canada’s first online direct mail campaign builder, we are dedicated to simplifying direct mail for small businesses.

A Bit About Us

PostNow is the result of the combined effort of two Canadian small business owners - Nate Schick and Craig Freer. Recognizing the disparity in tools and resources for large corporations vs small businesses, they set out to change the direct mail space forever.

Meet Our Co-Founders

Nate Schick

Nate has dedicated his career to helping small businesses grow and succeed. Upon entering the world of direct mail, Nate noticed a fatal flaw. Traditional Canada Post Direct Mail tools were not granular enough for Canadian small businesses. As a result, Direct Mail was strictly reserved for the expansive marketing budgets of large enterprises.

Recognizing the need for a small business solution in the Direct Mail space, Nate Schick co-founded PostNow. In doing so, his goal was to create an affordable solution that would allow small businesses in Canada to create high-quality direct mail campaigns.

As a small business owner himself, Nate was able to reflect on the problem and develop a solution from the ground up. To bring his idea to life, he focused on the issue from the perspective of entrepreneurs, real estate agents and other Canadian small business owners.

Well-known for his creative problem solving, Nate combined his experience in digital marketing and lead generation with his high-level understanding of direct mail to create an innovative tool that would provide value for all small businesses in Canada.

Today, Nate continues to strive to reduce the complexity of direct mail for small businesses. He is continually innovating to provide small businesses with access to the same tools and strategies that are available to multi-million-dollar companies.

Craig Freer

Craig never thought direct mail campaigns should be difficult or cumbersome for small businesses. That’s why he started his foray in direct mail 26 years ago.

Beginning with the most basic equipment, Craig promised his clients one thing - that he would help them with every step of their campaigns.

After years of perfecting his craft and upholding his commitment, Craig’s team has grown to 20 team members - all of whom are committed to ensuring their client's successful use of direct mail.

Craig wisely acquired equipment and software over the years that enabled One To One’s clients to mail highly variable and targeted campaigns.

Craig’s willingness to create a company that embraced technology was pivotal when it came to creating Postnow.

The time was right to build a solution to transform the direct mail space online.

Together, Nate and Craig brought PostNow to life. Their vow - to continue to improve the direct mail space for small businesses in Canada through the creation of innovative technology and tools.
PostNow is Canadian Owned & Operated
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