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Build Postal Code Targeting Direct Mail Campaigns Online

Increase awareness and acquisition with Postal Code Targeting (PCT for short). Use PCT direct mail to target all the dwellings in a single 6-digit postal code.

Connect with ideal prospects

Send direct mail to consumers who match the profile of your ideal customers.

Gain new customers

Identify and reach specific postal codes to expand into new markets.

Suppress existing contacts

Optimize your targeting by suppressing the addresses of your current customers.

Canada's Self-Serve Postal Code Targeting Platform for Small Businesses

PostNow is the 1st Postal Code Targeting platform for small businesses in Canada. Traditionally, only big brands had access to highly targeted direct mail marketing. With PostNow, small businesses have the same advantages - at a fraction of the cost.

Fast, reliable delivery

Your PCT direct mail will be in homes in 3-5 days (sometimes even faster).

Target ANY 6-digit postal code

Define a target area as small as 15 to 20 dwellings. No other audience tool provides such refined targeting.

Online PCT Audience Builder

Find and target your ideal audience in minutes with PostNow’s online PCT Audience Builder.

Minimum 150 houses

Send out small, highly targeted campaigns without breaking the bank.Your PCT direct mail will be in homes in 3-5 days (sometimes even faster).

All-in-one print, design & postage

PostNow is your one-stop shop for PCT campaign creation and delivery.

B2B Postal Code Targeting too

Find and target your ideal audience in minutes with PostNow’s online PCT Audience Builder.

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What is special about Postal Code Targeting?

Postal Code Targeting allows small businesses to reach every address within a single postal code. At the same time, existing customer data can be suppressed to optimize acquisition efforts.

Proprietary postal code data can be used to find consumers who resemble your existing customers. Alternatively, PostNow provides exclusive access to demographic and geographic data from Canada Post. This data can be used to identify and target ideal consumers.

Build a Postal Code Targeting Campaign in 3 Simple Steps

Creating Postal Code Targeting campaigns was daunting and overly complicated in the past. But, PostNow's revolutionary online PCT builder makes it easy. Now, small businesses in Canada can implement targeted direct mail campaigns just like the big brands do.

1. Select your PCT Campaign date.

Choose the earliest available date for your campaign to be delivered to Canada Post. Your account manager will call to discuss expected in-home delivery dates.

2. Let us know who your campaign will be sent to.

Use your existing postal code data, a previously built audience, or build a new audience with the help of our address targeting tools. Build your audience for free. Any additional data costs will be provided as you create your campaign.
PCT Audience Builder

3. Choose a design for your direct mail pieces.

Select a mail format (postcard, letter and envelope, etc.). Then, choose a direct mail template from our selection or upload your own. With more than 100 professionally designed templates to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Design changes can also be made upon request.

We handle everything else - from data cleaning and printing to mail prep and delivery.

That's it! We will take care of all the other details, so you don’t have to.

How-To Video Walkthroughs

Watch a short video demo on how to build a new audience and use an existing audience for Postal Code Targetting Mail.
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There are several ways to find your ideal audience using PostNow. For precise targeting, take advantage of these profiling capabilities.

Demographic profiling: Target based on family composition, household income, age, gender, education, building type and more.

Behavioural profiling: Target based on who is shopping, how often, what seasons and even the “category” of products they are buying.

PCT is a valuable tool for all Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs.

Real Estate
Financial Services & Insurance
Home Service Compaines
Charities & Non-Profits
Automotive Dealerships

Postal Code Targeting is a Gamechanger for Small Businesses

Historically, small businesses were unable to effectively use Postal Code Targeting to reach consumers. Now, with the help of PostNow, Canadian small businesses can easily and affordably implement PCT campaigns.

A smarter way to acquire new customers

You know who your ideal customers are. But where can you find them? PCT will help you reach your ideal audience, even when you don’t know their names or addresses.

Harness the power of integration

Incorporate direct mail into your multi-channel acquisition campaign to optimize conversions and your return on investment.

Access look-alike audiences

Familiar with social media look-alike audiences? PCT offers the same capabilities - but in the real world. Like-minded people live in close proximity. Now you can target them.

Get what you need while staying on-budget

Capture the benefits of Postal Code Targeting without the added cost of data lists, printing, and sortation.

The best way to deliver results

More precise targeting provides optimal ROI.

Mail out fewer direct mail pieces

Save on production costs by printing and delivering fewer direct mail pieces. Focus on your highest-value prospects to maximize your campaign efforts, without wasting valuable marketing dollars.

No List Required

No need to purchase a data list – use your own or access Canada Post’s address information directly through PostNow.

Common Questions About Postal Code Targeting Direct Mail & Resources

Some of the most common questions when it comes to Postal Code Targeting and top resources to educate you on all things Direct Mail.

PCT Guidelines

Considering PCT? Here are a few guidelines to consider before starting  your Postal Code Targeting campaign:

  • PCT is a great way to connect with ideal prospects or gain new customers
  • Allows small businesses to reach every address in a single postal code
  • Must include a quiet zone around the address block and no text or graphics within a 5mm parameter
  • Minimum quantity of pieces for campaign: 150

What are the best practices?

When considering direct mail marketing, here are few tips that can help you elevate your campaign:

  • Avoid Clutter
  • Include a strong CTA (call-to-action)
  • Use simple yet bold visuals
  • Integrate campaign tracking tools such as call call tracking, pURLs, dynamic QR codes, or unique discount codes to help track the success of your campaign

There are also 3 components your that every successful direct mail campaign includes:

  1. Defining the right audience
  2. A high-value or relevant offer for your audience
  3. Compelling and well-branded design

How much does an audience cost?

Prices for a Direct Mail audience start at “free” and increase based on the dataset being accessed. Standard options for each mail type are listed below. More advanced data sets can be accessed from 3rd party providers like Environics.

Neighbourhood Mail Audience Options:

  • Canada Post Precision Targeter – free to use. Includes neighbourhood targeting based on combinations of up-to 3 demographic filters.

Personalized Mail Audience Options:

  • Use your own data – free. This includes PostNow doing basic cleaning of your data and running it through the National Change of Address (NCOA) to identify any bad records.
  • Canada Post Postal Code Name/Addresses – from $0.15/record. Use 6-digit postal codes to target all households within. Includes names and address data that can be printed by an Expert Partner. Not available for any other use.

Postal Code Targeting Audience Options:

  • Canada Post Postal Code Data. Included in postage. Use 6-digital postal codes to target all households within. A suppression list can be provided to remove existing customers from the final data.  Data includes address only, no names.

Can I target different dwelling types?

Yes! PostNow offers the complete Canada Post name and address list through our Audience Builder. Target based on Postal Codes of your customer or desired geographic target area.

What is Postal Code Targeting?

Allows for hyper-targeting of homes within a 6 digit postal code. This is usually direct neighbours and consists of 16-20 addresses.

PostNow is Canadian Owned & Operated
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