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Direct Mail Campaign Audience Manager

Good data is the backbone of a successful direct mail campaign.

Unfortunately, in the past, access to good data was hard to come by for small businesses in Canada. 


Quality data and data work completed by a MailHouse was extremely expensive. Even if a small business could afford it, very few MailHouses were willing to take on small campaigns (under 1000 records).

For small businesses that wanted to use Postal Code Targeting, the turnover time for data was also not ideal. Although it was possible to run a PCT campaign with as little as 100 addresses, the time it took to gather this info was much too long - 2 to 3 days to acquire household counts and another 2 to 3 days if any changes were required. 

Overall, the added cost, time and complexity of creating a custom audience made direct mail a poor option for Canadian small businesses. Until Now!

Designed with small businesses in mind, PostNow makes direct mail easy. 

Get household counts for a single, or group of postal codes in seconds. Receive instant price quotes so you can closely manage your budget. These impressive benefits, combined with our campaign planning, creation and tracking tools, make PostNow the best option for effective direct mail campaigns.

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Use PostNow’s Audience Builder to target postal codes and the households in each postal code. That can be approximately 10-14 households at a time or up to an entire condo building.

Target the Right Audience for Your Campaign

Existing Customers

Send direct mail to your client list. Use a personal touch to keep them engaged and your business top of mind.

Postal Code Targeting

Prepare your Postal Code Targeting campaign according to our guidelines and benefit from high acquisition rates and maximum ROI.

Precision Targeter

Target an entire neighbourhood using Precision Targeting tools. With access to demographic and behavioural data, you're sure to get results.

Manage Your Existing Customer Audiences

PostNow makes it easy to manage and use your own customer data to create successful direct mail campaigns.

Upload Your Own Data

Simply upload your data and we’ll help you use it to generate awareness, retention and referrals via direct mail.

Manual Data Clean Up*

Your data is manually cleaned by our direct mail data team. We provide you with a cleaned file that is properly formatted for future use.

National Change of Address*

PostNow checks your customer list against the National Change of Address (NCOA) database to remove incorrect data.

Automatic Pricing Details

Get upfront pricing when you use PostNow’s online campaign builder. Our competitive, all-in pricing includes design, data, print and postage, with no hidden fees.

Audience Segmentation

Want to target a smaller audience? Your PostNow account manager can create micro-audiences for optimal targeting.

Campaign Personalization

Use your customer data to create dynamic campaigns. Choose from our design templates with personalized data insertion.

Build an Audience with Postal Codes

Looking for new customer opportunities? With PostNow’s hyper-localized geographic targeting, reaching qualified consumers is easier than ever.

Target the right customers with postal code data from Canada Post

PostNow lets you combine your customers’ 6-digit postal codes with Canada Post data to target direct neighbours. Reach hyper-defined areas and optimize your acquisition efforts with the help of this exclusive data.

Postal code data is available for both Personalized Mail and Postal Code Targeting campaigns. 

Building a postal code audience with PostNow

  • Create your audience in seconds with our direct access to Canada Post data
  • Purchase names and addresses for Personalized Mail campaigns (from $0.15/record)
  • Send Postal Code Targeting campaigns to as few as 100 households
  • Target individual condominium and apartment buildings
  • Use your custom audience right away or save it for a future direct mail campaign
  • Receive instant price modelling based on your audience size and specifications
  • No cost to build an audience

Personalized Mail Campaigns

Increase open and engagement rates when you use the PostNow postal code audience builder to create Personalized Mail campaigns that include Name & Address data.

Postal Code Targeting Campaigns

Canada Post's newest (and best) campaign type lets you reach all the households within a postal code. Target a single apartment building or as few as 15 to 20 homes.

Expert Built Neighbourhood Mail Audiences

Build the perfect neighbourhood mail audience - the easy way. Simply choose your ideal demographics using Canada Post's Precision Targeter. Our direct mail experts will go to work to find the perfect neighbourhoods for you to target.

A new way to send Neighbourhood Mail

PostNow is revolutionizing the way small businesses send direct mail.

If you’re new to direct mail, you’ll love our simple, step-by-step process. If you’re an expert, our flexible tools and your dedicated account manager will help you create an effective campaign.

With the ability to save and reuse campaigns (at no additional cost) and view pricing instantly, direct mail has never been easier or more cost-effective.

Real Estate Agents

Promote a new property or build awareness for your brand. Send personalized mail using Name & Address data. 

Professional Services

Target consumers who are looking for the services you offer. Reach out to all the households in a single postal code to spread the word about your business.

Business-to-Business Targeting Solutions

With PostNow, you can target business prospects too. Find businesses hidden within neighbourhoods or target business complexes in minutes with our easy-to-use tools.

Postal Code Targeting for B2B Campaigns

Postal Code Targeting is a gamechanger for B2B businesses. 

Our powerful, yet simple, tools make planning and sending B2B direct mail campaigns simple. Target the right businesses, see instant pricing, and confirm your campaign at the touch of a button.

With access to valuable postal code data, you can create hyper-targeted B2B campaigns that convert.

Commercial Real Estate Agents

Use our postal code audience builder to reach business owners and entrepreneurs. Include Name & Address data to personalize your message.

Office & Professional Services

Connect with businesses that will benefit from your services. Target specific business addresses or entire business complexes.

Common Questions About Direct Mail & Resources

Some of the most common questions when it comes to Neighbourhood Mail and top resources to educate you on all things Direct Mail.

Where can I use these audiences?

Only Neighbourhood Mail.

Do I get to keep the data?

We provide the audience ID so you can use it in the future, even with a different Canada Post Expert Partner.

How much does an audience cost?

Prices for a Direct Mail audience start at “free” and increase based on the dataset being accessed. Standard options for each mail type are listed below. More advanced data sets can be accessed from 3rd party providers like Environics.

Neighbourhood Mail Audience Options:

  • Canada Post Precision Targeter – free to use. Includes neighbourhood targeting based on combinations of up-to 3 demographic filters.

Personalized Mail Audience Options:

  • Use your own data – free. This includes PostNow doing basic cleaning of your data and running it through the National Change of Address (NCOA) to identify any bad records.
  • Canada Post Postal Code Name/Addresses – from $0.15/record. Use 6-digit postal codes to target all households within. Includes names and address data that can be printed by an Expert Partner. Not available for any other use.

Postal Code Targeting Audience Options:

  • Canada Post Postal Code Data. Included in postage. Use 6-digital postal codes to target all households within. A suppression list can be provided to remove existing customers from the final data.  Data includes address only, no names.

Can I target different dwelling types?

Yes! PostNow offers the complete Canada Post name and address list through our Audience Builder. Target based on Postal Codes of your customer or desired geographic target area.

Can I buy addresses and names?

Yes! PostNow offers the complete Canada Post name and address list through our Audience Builder. Target based on Postal Codes of your customer, desired geographic target area or demographics.

PostNow is Canadian Owned & Operated
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