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Direct Mail Campaigns. Simplified.

Create a custom campaign in 5 minutes and have it sent out within three days using PostNow's easy-to-use online direct mail tools.  

Top Rated Direct Mail Marketing Services

PostNow is Canada's only online print and mail shop offering complete Direct Mail services.

We provide comprehensive Direct Mail solutions, including our unique online platform that lets you create custom Ad Mail campaigns in minutes. With free mail templates, campaign tracking and easy audience management, we make direct mail simple for businesses across Canada.

  • Campaigns ready to send in as few as 3-days!
  • Single-source design, print, and mail company.
  • Precision Targeter support included.
  • Easy to use online ordering. Or call us.
  • Canada Post Expert Partners.

Tools to Effectively Advertise with Direct Mail

Successful direct mail campaigns focus on ROI. PostNow's suite of online Direct Mail tools helps increase your overall marketing ROI while saving you time, and decreasing your Direct Mail Advertising costs. Access to direct mail tools requires a PostNow account.

We're Backed by the #1 Rated Mail House 
for Small Businesses

One To One Mailing is Canada Post's top choice for small business direct mail campaigns across Canada. See what customers say about working with Canada's top direct mail company for SMBs

Mogul Realty Group

We have used One To One Mailing to do some direct mail marketing in Alberta and British Columbia, They are fast efficient and do their best to find cost-effective ways to help your business!

Gregory C.

I like One To One because they can deal with design to print to mail. The quality is superior and delivery time is quicker simply because you’re dealing with one company not 3.

Gerald Dixon

I never really knew a place like this existed, I could email a list and what I want to send and it’s done. Or I could say something like people over 40 and an income of 80k+ and it’s done, the more I learn about one to one mailing the more I need them. I highly recommend them for your company.

The #1 Rated Direct Mail Company for Small Businesses & REALTORS

Almost 30 years of excellence are behind the PostNow brand. After winning the Canada Post Partner of the Year award in 2022, PostNow focuses on customer service for every campaign, regardless of size. That's why our customers consistently rate us as the best mail house they have ever worked with. 



Direct Mail Made Simple for Canada's Small Businesses

All-In Pricing

Our online campaign builder provides a price that includes design, data, print & postage. No hidden fees. Extremely competitive.

Online Campaign Pricing

Enter your quantity and you’ll instantly see the exact cost of your campaign as you build it online. Volume discounts are applied automatically.

Contract Postage Rates

Pay the lowest possible price on your postage. We apply your real estate franchise postage rates as set up by Canada Post. No hoops to jump through.

Campaigns from 100 Pieces

Have a small customer list? You can create Personalized Direct Mail campaigns as small as 100 pieces all the way up to 50,000 online

Buy* Names & Address

You can now rent Canada Post's name and address data through PostNow. Connect with these prospects using Personalized Mail.

Tons of Templates

Looking for a direct mail campaign template? We have you covered. Customization is included in the campaign cost too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum number of pieces I can send with PostNow?

You can send as few as 150 pieces for any available direct mail campaign in PostNow.

How to build a Neighbourhood Mail campaign?

  1. Create your free account at
  2. Your account will be verified and postage rates applied.
  3. Select Campaign Builder located under the SmartMail tab in the main menu.
  4. Name your campaign and select type of campaign (neighbourhood mail). Select the date you’d like your campaign delivered to Canada Post. Final in-home delivery will be subject to Canada Post delivery standards.
  5. Upload your own targeting data or select a previously used audience. Enter your campaign quantity (150-50,000). We included a chart to show you pricing options for the most common options as you adjust your total.
  6. Select your campaign format – choose from postcards, letters, invitations, and more.
  7. Choose a template from the template gallery, upload your ready-to-print files or request custom artwork from our in-house graphic designer. (All required template changes are included in fees, custom artwork starts at $295).
  8.  If you chose to Upload your Data, you will be prompted to either upload now or later. Click yes to clean your data, then select your data retention
    policy for this campaign.
  9. Select Generate Campaign & Checkout or Save Progress & Complete Later. If you choose to complete later you will receive a link good for 30
    days via the email you supply. You will receive email notifications confirming your campaign order, as well as any edits requested with custom or edited design work.
    **At any time during this process there is a Campaign Summary button located on the bottom right of
    the page. This will show any customizations to your campaign as well as a quick Help section if you have any questions. Click the button again to close.

We handle everything from: design, print, data cleaning, mail prep and delivery to Canada Post.

Is Personalized Mail the same as Smartmail Marketing?

Personalized mail is one of many options for smartmail marketing. Other forms of smartmail marketing can include: postal code targeting and neighbourhood mail.

See: Smartmail Marketing Campaigns ⋆ for more info on other smartmail marketing direct mail campaigns that we offer.

Personalized Mail Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines if you’re considering using Personalized Mail:

  • There must be intent behind your campaign to promote a product, service, program, or event
  • Mail piece requires a 2″x4″ area for addressing and indicia purposes
  • The indicia can be customized but must be placed above and to the right of addressing
  • Minimum quantity of pieces: 150

How much does personalized mail cost?

Pricing varies based on postage rate and quantity of pieces in your campaign. You can build a personalized mail campaign for as low as $300 CAD with a minimum of 150 pieces.


See Campaign Cost Calculator ⋆ for accurate pricing options.

Why should I use you for our direct mail campaigns?

Fast. Effective. Affordable.

Our online tools are designed to help you build and manage your direct mail campaigns easier than ever. We’ve put together simple options to select from and then our expert direct mail team handles everything from design, targeting, data cleaning, printing and mailing for you. Oh, and our prices are awesome! Try out our campaign calculator to see how much your next campaign could cost.

PostNow is Canadian Owned & Operated
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