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Top Rated Direct Mail Marketing Services

PostNow is Canada's only online print and mail shop offering complete Direct Mail services.

We provide comprehensive Direct Mail solutions, including our unique online platform that lets you create custom Ad Mail campaigns in minutes. With free mail templates, campaign tracking and easy audience management, we make direct mail simple for businesses across Canada.

  • Campaigns ready to send in as few as 3-days!
  • Single-source design, print, and mail company.
  • Precision Targeter support included.
  • Easy to use online ordering. Or call us.
  • Canada Post Expert Partners.

Tools to Effectively Advertise with Direct Mail

Successful direct mail campaigns focus on ROI. PostNow's suite of online Direct Mail tools helps increase your overall marketing ROI while saving you time, and decreasing your Direct Mail Advertising costs. Access to direct mail tools requires a PostNow account.

We're Backed by the #1 Rated Mail House 
for Small Businesses

One To One Mailing is Canada Post's top choice for small business direct mail campaigns across Canada. See what customers say about working with Canada's top direct mail company for SMBs

Mogul Realty Group

We have used One To One Mailing to do some direct mail marketing in Alberta and British Columbia, They are fast efficient and do their best to find cost-effective ways to help your business!

Gregory C.

I like One To One because they can deal with design to print to mail. The quality is superior and delivery time is quicker simply because you’re dealing with one company not 3.

Gerald Dixon

I never really knew a place like this existed, I could email a list and what I want to send and it’s done. Or I could say something like people over 40 and an income of 80k+ and it’s done, the more I learn about one to one mailing the more I need them. I highly recommend them for your company.

The #1 Rated Direct Mail Company in Canada

Our customers consistently rate us as the best mail house they have ever worked with. From every step of your campaign, we are here to help you achieve successful results with innovation, marketing creativity, and cost efficiency.

In both 2024 and 2022, PostNow won Canada Post's coveted "Wings of Leadership" award, which highlighted us as the best Canadian Direct Mail Company.

Direct Mail Made Simple for Canada's Small Businesses

All-In Pricing

Our online campaign builder provides a price that includes design, data, print & postage. No hidden fees. Extremely competitive.

Online Campaign Pricing

Enter your quantity and you’ll instantly see the exact cost of your campaign as you build it online. Volume discounts are applied automatically.

Contract Postage Rates

Pay the lowest possible price on your postage. We apply your real estate franchise postage rates as set up by Canada Post. No hoops to jump through.

Campaigns from 100 Pieces

Have a small customer list? You can create Personalized Direct Mail campaigns as small as 100 pieces all the way up to 50,000 online

Buy* Names & Address

You can now rent Canada Post's name and address data through PostNow. Connect with these prospects using Personalized Mail.

Tons of Templates

Looking for a direct mail campaign template? We have you covered. Customization is included in the campaign cost too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Canada Post transportation fees?

Canada Post adds a Neighbourhood Mail transportation fee to all campaigns not inducted into the exact depot(s) closest to your delivery neighbourhoods.

In other words, unless you are willing to drive your campaign mail pieces to a specific dropoff depot or depots for larger campaigns, you are covering the cost for Canada Post to distribute your campaign to the appropriate depots for final sorting/delivery.

This transportation fee is often why you will see a published Neighbourhood Mail rate of $0.18 / piece, but the final price is $0.192 when working with a mail house or Canada Post directly.

At PostNow we include the transportation fee in all campaigns automatically.

How much is Canada Post flyer delivery?

Flyer delivery falls under Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail. This is unaddressed ad mail and would cost $0.192 per piece, including transportation costs from Canada Post if it is under 6 x 12 x 1″ and <50g. Larger flyers, including magazine-style flyers like the Ikea Idea Books, are subject to higher rates.

A “Specified Delivery Start Date” can be added as a campaign option for an extra $0.01 / per piece. This guarantees that your flyer will not be delivered before a set date and is a great way to ensure you time your flyers for a specific sale/promotion.

Download the Neighbourhood Mail price sheet for oversized flyer delivery pricing.


What costs are there with Direct Mail Advertising?

When budgeting for a Direct Mail Ad Campaign you should plan for the following cost categories:

  • Planning & Design Costs (labour costs, asset licences, etc. )
  • Targeting/Data Costs (databases, licences, software, labour)
  • Production Costs (printing, folding, inserting, bundling, etc)
  • Postage/Transportation Costs

Final costs can be controlled with proper planning and targeting.

What is the best value postcard size to send?

While you can send a 4×6″ postcard with Neighbourhood Mail, which will be the cheapest to produce, it does not offer the best value.

Larger postcards will grab more attention and drive more campaign engagement, making them generate more ROI. We find the best size to send is a 5.5×8.5″ postcard due to its production costs being highly efficient and its impact being strong in a pile of flyers.

What is the minimum number of pieces I can send with PostNow?

You can send as few as 150 pieces for any available direct mail campaign in PostNow.

Are there discounts on Neighbourhood Mail postage?

Discounts are available. To qualify, a customer must commit to a minimum spend of $10,000 annually per service. Canada Post will look at your marketing plan and budget to see if you’re likely to achieve the minimum spend before awarding you a postage discount. There are various tiers of discounts available. Please contact us if you would like an introduction to a Canada Post sales rep.

An example of $10,000 would spend would be:

  • 100,000 NM (approximately)
  • 20,000 PM (approximately)

Discounts start at about 20% and increase based on total volume. The commitments are in the millions of dollars spent/year for the largest available Canada Post discounts.

How to build a Neighbourhood Mail campaign?

  1. Create your free account at
  2. Your account will be verified and postage rates applied.
  3. Select Campaign Builder located under the SmartMail tab in the main menu.
  4. Name your campaign and select type of campaign (neighbourhood mail). Select the date you’d like your campaign delivered to Canada Post. Final in-home delivery will be subject to Canada Post delivery standards.
  5. Upload your own targeting data or select a previously used audience. Enter your campaign quantity (150-50,000). We included a chart to show you pricing options for the most common options as you adjust your total.
  6. Select your campaign format – choose from postcards, letters, invitations, and more.
  7. Choose a template from the template gallery, upload your ready-to-print files or request custom artwork from our in-house graphic designer. (All required template changes are included in fees, custom artwork starts at $295).
  8.  If you chose to Upload your Data, you will be prompted to either upload now or later. Click yes to clean your data, then select your data retention
    policy for this campaign.
  9. Select Generate Campaign & Checkout or Save Progress & Complete Later. If you choose to complete later you will receive a link good for 30
    days via the email you supply. You will receive email notifications confirming your campaign order, as well as any edits requested with custom or edited design work.
    **At any time during this process there is a Campaign Summary button located on the bottom right of
    the page. This will show any customizations to your campaign as well as a quick Help section if you have any questions. Click the button again to close.

We handle everything from: design, print, data cleaning, mail prep and delivery to Canada Post.

How much does Neighbourhood Mail cost?

Neighbourhood Mail is the most affordable type of direct mail you can send in Canada. The price of a campaign varies due to the cost of print and campaign production but postage rates are always the same, regardless of volume*.

Current Neighbourhood Mail postage rates for 2023 are $0.188, including transportation fees ($0.015/piece).

Check out our Neighbourhood Mail Budget Calculator for accurate pricing options that include postage, mail prep, design, print and transportation. A small campaign may cost $0.50+/postcard while a high volume campaign (10,000 households or more) will see significant reduction in print cost per piece ($0.15 each).

*If you spend more than $10,000 in Canada Post postage fees per year, you may be eligible for a discounted contract rate! Contact our team for information and a direct introduction to a Canada Post rep in your area.

For more information on Neighbourhood Mail and how to use it effectively, you can check out our Neighbourhood Mail resources.

How much does an audience cost?

Prices for a Direct Mail audience start at “free” and increase based on the dataset being accessed. Standard options for each mail type are listed below. More advanced data sets can be accessed from 3rd party providers like Environics.

Neighbourhood Mail Audience Options:

  • Canada Post Precision Targeter – free to use. Includes neighbourhood targeting based on combinations of up-to 3 demographic filters.

Personalized Mail Audience Options:

  • Use your own data – free. This includes PostNow doing basic cleaning of your data and running it through the National Change of Address (NCOA) to identify any bad records.
  • Canada Post Postal Code Name/Addresses – from $0.15/record. Use 6-digit postal codes to target all households within. Includes names and address data that can be printed by an Expert Partner. Not available for any other use.

Postal Code Targeting Audience Options:

  • Canada Post Postal Code Data. Included in postage. Use 6-digital postal codes to target all households within. A suppression list can be provided to remove existing customers from the final data.  Data includes address only, no names.

Is Personalized Mail the same as Smartmail Marketing?

Personalized mail is one of many options for smartmail marketing. Other forms of smartmail marketing can include: postal code targeting and neighbourhood mail.

See: Smartmail Marketing Campaigns ⋆ for more info on other smartmail marketing direct mail campaigns that we offer.

Are there discounts on Personalized Mail postage?

Discounts are available for contracts with Canada Post. To qualify, a customer is required to commit to a minimum spend of $10,000 annually per service. Canada Post will look at your marketing plan and budget to see if you’re likely to achieve the minimum spend before awarding you a postage discount.

An example of $10,000 would spend would be:

  • 100,000 NM (approximately)
  • 20,000 PM (approximately)

There are various tiers of discounts available. Please contact your Canada Post rep for more info.

Personalized Mail Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines if you’re considering using Personalized Mail:

  • There must be intent behind your campaign to promote a product, service, program, or event
  • Mail piece requires a 2″x4″ area for addressing and indicia purposes
  • The indicia can be customized but must be placed above and to the right of addressing
  • Minimum quantity of pieces: 150
PostNow is Canadian Owned & Operated
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