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Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing: A Blueprint for Success

Marketing Services
Direct Mail Marketing can be a highly effective tool for real estate professionals in Canada looking to reach a targeted audience of potential buyers and sellers. According to the Data & Marketing Association, ...

Neighbourhood Mail vs. Postal Code Targeting: What's the Difference?

Neighbourhood Mail
Learn the difference between Neighbourhood Mail vs. Postal Code Targeting and which option is better for your business....

Why & How to do Business Holiday Card Marketing Effectively

Our annual Christmas/Holiday card campaign is on from October 4th - December 18th. Originally created for Real Estate Agents to connect with their contact lists, we have expanded to now offer our business holiday c...

Webinar 3 Recap: The Benefits of Postal Code Targeting in a Digital World

Postal Code Targeting
Did you miss Webinar 3 of our Direct Mail for Small Business series? Here's what our experts had to say about the benefits of postal code targeting mail....

Webinar 2 Recap: How To Design Direct Mail Campaigns For ROI & Success

Webinars & Training
Learn how to design direct mail that gets the results you want! In this Webinar recap, we'll explain how to design direct mail campaigns for ROI and success....

The Role Of Direct Mail In Digital World

Webinars & Training
In today's digital world, direct mail marketing can be a powerful tool to help you reach your target audience. By using targeted data lists and personalized messages, you can connect with potential customers in you...

Why Postal Code Targeting Should Be on Your Marketing Radar in 2022

Postal Code Targeting
Is your Canadian small business using postal code targeting? If not, you're missing out. Here's why PCT should be on your marketing radar in 2022 and how PostNow can help....

Direct Mail for Small Business: A Webinar Series Revealing How to Harness the Power of Direct Mail in a Digital World

Resources & News
Check out our three-part webinar series where we'll show you how to elevate your brand and boost sales using direct mail for small business....

How to Prep a Direct Mail Campaign for Induction to Canada Post

Resources & News
Step 1: Design your mail items for machine processing Find all the information you need to create machineable mail in the Machineable Mail Guide. You can speed up the design process and further reduce your risk of...

Questions about using data with Postal Code Targeting

Postal Code Targeting
How do I start my Postal Code Targeting data process and what do I need to provide? Contact your Canada Post sales representative or your mail service provider to discuss your data and targeting needs and submit yo...

Precision Targeter - Frequently Asked Questions

Resources & News
How do I get access to information on Neighbourhood Mail? For additional information on sending your neighbourhood mail through Precision Targeter, please refer to the Neighbourhood Mail Customer Guide at the link ...

Frequently asked questions about the benefits and features of Postal Code Targeting

Postal Code Targeting
What is Postal Code Targeting and where does it fit in my marketing plan? Postal Code Targeting is a new acquisition solution that integrates easily into omni-channel marketing campaigns. It leverages the data behi...
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