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How Much Does Direct Mail Marketing Cost in Canada?

Most small businesses in Canada find that Direct Mail Marketing costs $0.25 - $1.50 / household you want to reach. For example, in 2024, you can send unaddressed medium postcards to 1,000 households for less than $550, or $0.55 each.

The broad cost range depends on what type of Canada Post Smartmail Marketing you are utilizing, what you are sending (weight/size), and how many individuals you are reaching (more = lower cost per piece). If you have a Canada Post Contract Rate your campaign costs will be lower as well.

Canada Post Direct Mail Costs

Canada Post offers three Direct Mail Marketing products. These are known as their Smartmail Marketing Solutions. You pay this postage for each piece of mail you want to deliver. 

  • Neighbourhood Mail: Unaddressed mail, cheapest, delivered in clusters of 300-500 homes. 
  • Personalized Mail: Addressed mail, most expensive, delivered to individuals. 
  • Postal Code Targeting: Addressed w/o Names, delivered to 6-digit postal codes (15-30 houses).

Additional costs from Canada Post may include data, visualization, advanced campaign support, or special fees for larger/overweight items, or unique handling scenarios.

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Direct Mail Cost FAQ

2024 Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Postage Rates*

Neighbourhood Mail:      $0.192
Personalized Mail:            $0.538
Postal Code Targeting:   $0.413
*Direct Mail Rates updated January 2024.
Neighbourhood Mail rate includes 1.2c transportation cost.
Overweight items will incur additional fees.

Direct Mail Campaign Cost Calculator

Quickly get an exact cost quote on a custom Canada Post Direct Mail Campaign from PostNow. Campaign costs include Smartmail Postage, template design edits, printing, mail prep services, and all transportation costs. 
Please enter a number from 150 to 100000.
Personalized Mail

Personalized Mail

Also known as Addressed Mail. Delivery in 3-5 days from induction.
Neighbourhood Mail

Neighbourhood Mail

Also known as Unaddressed Mail. Delivery in 5-9 days from induction.
Postal Code Targeting

Postal Code Targeting

Advanced direct mail campaigns. Delivery in 2-5 days from induction.

Direct Mail Pricing FAQs

3 Ways to Increase Direct Mail Marketing ROI:

Get a Canada Post Contract Rate:
Eligible advertisers should contact us and we will put you in touch with a Canada Post sales rep to start the process. Discounts start at 20% on Neighbourhood Mail.
Utilize Multidrop Campaigns:
Multidrop campaigns utilize print savings to increase overall ROI. 
Send to Larger Audiences:
Volume/campaign size drastically impact your cost per piece. While large companies see the largest benefit from a postage discount, small businesses will see the greatest savings with larger print runs.
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