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Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Price Calculator

How much is a direct mail campaign with PostNow? 

Send a high-quality, Neighbourhood Mail campaign to 1,000 households for less than $500. Enter the number of households or businesses you plan to target and get an instant price quote for your campaign based on postage type and campaign print format.

What is included in our pricing? 

The direct mail campaign pricing shown in the calculator includes Design, Print & Postage. Data is not included in the pricing below but is shown on full campaign builds. 

Do you have a Canada Post Contract Rate? 

Once you sign up for an account on PostNow, we will link your contract postage rates into our platform. We handle collecting postage on your behalf and maintain your rate. When logged in, the postage rates shown on the pricing calculator will be updated to your current rates.
Enter QuantityEnter Budget
Please enter a number from 150 to 100000.
Exclude Possible Data FeesInclude Possible Data Fees

Please select from the three different mail types below for pricing.

Personalized Mail 

Also known as Addressed Mail. Delivery in 3-5 days from induction.

Neighbourhood Mail

Also known as Unaddressed Mail. Delivery in 5-9 days from induction.

Postal Code Targeting

Advanced direct mail campaigns. Delivery in 2-5 days from induction.
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