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Make direct mail easier & faster than ever with PostNow. Better rates, all-inclusive pricing (print, design, data), neighbourhood targeting support, and a team experienced in small direct mail campaigns (150 – 50,000 pieces) await you after you create a free account on PostNow.

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When you sign up, get a complimentary 20-minute consultation to discuss your current direct mail strategy. Need more support? Ask us about our Direct Mail Pro consulting package. 

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Benefits of the PostNow Direct Mail Platform for Everyone

On top of offering exceptional direct mail campaign pricing & being a 100% Canadian solution, we offer the following benefits as your direct mail marketing partner.
  • 5-Day Campaign Production

    Your direct mail campaign will be designed, printed & delivered to Canada Post in as little as 5 business days.

    Audience Target Pros

    Our direct mail experts can help you identify the right audience for your campaign. Save & reuse your audiences easily.

    Lowest Postage Rates

    Automatically get access to Everyone postage contract rates from Canada Post. No extra paperwork required!
  • Canada Post Expert Parners

    PostNow is a Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner. That gives us access to all Canada Post products as well as direct access from their sales, support & data teams. 

    Order Your Way - Online, Phone, Email

    Don't want to use online campaign ordering? We get it. That's why can order via phone, email or even text message.

    5-Star Rates by Our Customers

    We're proud of our reputation with our customers and do everything we can to maintain it. Customer service is always our priority. 
  • Campaigns from 150 Houses

    Send out small, highly targeted campaigns without breaking the bank. We guarantee great print rates & service for any campaign size.

    Dedicated Account Managers

    Work with our team of professional direct mail account managers. They know the ins & outs of mail to ensure best practices are followed.

    Everyone Branded Templates

    We work directly with the marketing department of Everyone to ensure available print/mail templates are preloaded and available to you.
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Manage Your Direct Mail Marketing Online

PostNow provides a complete suite of online tools to create & manage direct mail campaigns, audiences and designs. We are your single-point solution for approved print & mail services for Everyone

Campaign Builder

Create direct mail campaigns in minutes. 

Audience Manager

Save your audiences for future campaign use.

Design Proofing

Request design changes and approve your print online.

Campaign Cost Calculator

Quickly plan your direct mail budget with our cost calculator. 

How to Order a Direct Mail Campaign with PostNow:

Watch our short video demos on how to build a direct mail campaign for your hair salon/barber shop. Additional demo videos include using the design proofing system and custom audience building tools available to all PostNow users.
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Sample Campaigns Available for Regis Corp. Franchisees

We've worked with the RBC marketing department to come up with high-performance direct mail campaigns that drive engagement and new client opportunities. Available templates change seasonally.

The Standard: Letter & Envelope

Capture the attention of consumers at the perfect point in the buying cycle to convert interest into action.

The Premium Touch: HQ Envelope, Letter & Buckslip

Keep in touch with your best customers using direct mail that integrates detailed personalizations or offers.

The Postcard: 

Follow up with current customers to maintain long-standing and mutually beneficial relationships.

The Premium Invitation: Colored Envelope, Folded Invite

Get your message in front of the people who are most likely to resonate with it.

Trust & Value Content

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Frequently Asked Questions About PostNow

Answers to some of the most common questions when it comes to creating an account an using PostNow.

Do I have to order a minimum amount of campaigns a year?

Nope! Our solution is contract-free and you can order as many or as little campaigns you’d like a year. But remember, more campaigns you send to your target audience = better response rates. FREQUENCY MATTERS!

I have a promo code from Head Office. How do I get my discount?

If your head office has supplied you with a promo code to use for your direct mail campaign purchase, it will automatically be applied to your account and will be reflected in the purchase price at the time of checkout.

I need help with my order. How can I reach your team?

Can I upload my own design template?

Unfortunately, no. All Enterprise design templates must be approved and provided by head office.

Can I make edits to the design templates?

Yes! You can make design edits to your template. Your marketing team has provided us with approved editable fields within the design templates and those areas can be customized for your campaign.

How do I know what my postage rate is?

We’ll verify your postage rate and automatically add it to your account during our account set-up. The postage rate based on your contract ID with Canada Post.

Can I use any template I want?

Your parent/head organization controls what templates are available for you to choose from. We have worked with the marketing department to ensure that we know which parts can be edited and with what type of changes. Any template uploaded that does not meet the standards of the organization will be reviewed and need to be signed off on by the head marketing department of your organization.

What do I do if I need help?

We offer support a few different ways.

  • Call us at 1-888-561-1764
  • Use the live chat available during our business hours
  • Send an email

You can also use the site resources to find demos or instructions on how to use the PostNow system including ordering, proofing and audience building.

PostNow is Canadian Owned & Operated
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