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Why & How to do Business Holiday Card Marketing Effectively

Our annual Christmas/Holiday card campaign is on from October 4th – December 18th. Originally created for Real Estate Agents to connect with their contact lists, we have expanded to now offer our business holiday card marketing campaign to all small businesses and PostNow partner enterprises. Whether you are a financial planner that wants to wish your investment clients the best wishes for the new year or a small B2B company that wants to send Merry Christmas cards to their customers & clients, we’ve got an affordable way to send a personalized holiday card across Canada using direct mail marketing.

How the holiday card campaign works:

We’ve built our Business Holiday Christmas Card Campaign to maximize savings for everyone involved. To pass those savings on to you, there are specific steps you’ll need to take. Here’s the process for taking advantage of our special savings.

  • Build your business holiday card campaign online using the PostNow direct mail campaign builder.
  • Select from more than 100 different Christmas/Holiday Card designs.
  • Provide a custom message and back panel logo info.
  • Choose from set delivery periods of when you would like your holiday greeting cards in homes.
  • Sit back and enjoy the holidays instead of licking and addressing 100+ cards.

Get step-by-step instructions by watching the how to order a direct mail holiday card campaign video below.

3 great reasons to mail a holiday card campaign:

  1. Increase your personal brand.
  2. Stay top of mind with infrequent customers
  3. Allows you to say thank you to vendors and suppliers.

BONUS REASON: Your holiday card campaign will bring a touch of joy to everyone it reaches, and the world could use a little more joy right now. Direct mail campaigns like this create more positivity towards you and your brand than almost anything else you can do (maybe genuine donations top it).

What’s new for the 2023 holiday card campaign?

For 2023, we’re making our direct mail Christmas and holiday card campaigns better than ever!

NEW Holiday Card Designs

With nearly double the amount of designs as last year, you’ll find something unique. We have options ranging from trees to wreaths, dogs or cats, presents and cookies. From red to black, all kinds of different colour options exist for you to choose from.

Holiday Card Design Variety Packs

Now you can select an entire design set instead of a single card design. That means 4 different card designs will be sent out to your client list for a splash of variety and added customization. With more than 80  different designs across 20 card packs, we have a holiday card design for everyone.

New Holiday Greeting Message Fonts

We’ve curated a selection of awesome fonts perfect for holiday messages. Easily select from the available fonts when you are requesting final changes to your selected holiday card design.

Holiday Card Custom Options 1
A collection of holiday greeting messages and available fonts will be presented to select from after you complete your order. Want a custom holiday greeting message? We can do that too!

How to build a Christmas/holiday card campaign online:

The PostNow online direct mail campaign builder makes it easy to create a holiday card campaign. In under 10 minutes, you can complete the direct mail campaign and request custom messaging for your card design! And, to make it even easier, we offer live chat support and call-in phone support during business hours.

1. Create an account on PostNow.ca

Start by creating an account on PostNow if you don’t have one. If you are part of a franchise or larger enterprise organization, contact your marketing department to find out if there is an existing partnership with PostNow & Canada Post – you may be eligible for additional postage savings.

Click here to create an account on PostNow.ca.

2. Build a direct mail campaign using PostNow.ca.


Once you have a direct mail account on PostNow, you’ll be able to build

Click to build your Holiday Card Direct Mail Campaign.

  1. Select “Personalized Mail”
  2. *Select your date. The date you select here may be overwritten by our account managers to fit the Holiday Card mail schedule.

3. Select an in-home delivery date

Set delivery dates exist for our Christmas Card campaigns. The date you order your campaign will impact the availability of delivery options. We require at least a 2-week period to guarantee in-home delivery across Canada. You can choose from having your cards delivered in-home for the following weeks:

  • November 27 – December 1st, 2023
  • *December 4th – 8th, 2023
  • *December 11th – 15th, 2023
  • December 18th – 23rd, 2023

*Research shows that cards delivered during this time are the most impactful.

4. Add/request content changes to your selected card design(s)

Once you have paid for your campaign, the design proofing project will be created (like with all PostNow campaigns), and you’ll be able to select / request changes. For selecting messages or fonts, you just need to click and comment on the one you want.

  • The main card designs are not editable.
  • Inside, you’ll select the message you want to be included. We have 8 pre-set messages.
  • Select the message font you want to be used on your holiday greeting.
  • Add a note with your custom holiday letter if you would like to add that to the left side of the card’s inside panels.
  • Select the design you want for the back. No changes to layout options or added content are recommended.
  • Upload your logo and contact details for the back of the card.

5. Pat yourself on the back.

You are done! And you probably saved yourself a few hours of time during the busy holiday season. So kick back, grab your favourite beverage and relax for a moment.

Business Holiday Card Etiquette

Want your direct mail holiday card campaign to be received positively by as many of your customers/clients as possible? We have some quick tips that have helped other small businesses, REALTORS®, wealth managers, and business owners send successful holiday card campaigns.

Note these tips are only guidelines. Depending on your customer base, you may have more flexibility in messaging or content.

Send early.

Cards sent too close to Christmas day are often given less attention. It’s funny how fickle people can be, but sending too close can come across as not truly caring. With business marketing like this, the perception of authenticity is vitally important.

Ensure proper spelling of names.

Can you imagine getting a holiday card with your name misspelled? Not much could be worse in the recipient’s mind. The sender must really care about me to overlook that mistake would be your thought.

Take the time to double-check your customer/client name spelling and other important information. A few minutes of added checks will prevent the loss of customer trust.

Choose quality over quantity.

The nicer the card, the greater the goodwill and impact. Spending time picking the right design and then ensuring the card quality is high is worth the minor added cost.

The PostNow holiday card campaigns are printed on high-quality card stock and placed in an envelope that feels high-quality to the touch. It is tangible quality that your marketing holiday card recipients will appreciate over a dollar-store card quality.

If a nice card will reduce the quality you can send out because of budget, we recommend making your list smaller vs. sending lower quality to more people.

Use messaging appropriate to your audience.

Wondering if you should say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? Base it on your audience. If they celebrate Christmas, wish them Merry Christmas. If they predominantly celebrate another holiday, use that greeting. Luckily, in Canada, most people do not take offence to be wished Merry Christmas so we always prefer that direction.

Messaging extends beyond the holiday you use. Be sure to maintain an appropriate level of professionalism for your cards. Keep jokes out. Keep messages genuine and business related.

Oh, and finally, do not include a sales pitch.

Send a real card, not 1’s & 0’s.

Sure digital email-style greeting cards are cheap and can be interactive. But the part that comes across to your recipients is the Cheap part. With 100s of emails hitting my inbox, it is likely your holiday greeting card will get no more than a few seconds of my attention.

By sending a real card, you’ll be visible all through the season. If it is a great-looking card, you’ll get even more attention and goodwill generated.

How much is a direct mail holiday card campaign?

View sample pricing below for the 2 options available for your holiday card campaign. For accurate pricing, check out our Direct Mail Cost Calculator to calculate the cost of your campaign. If you are logged in and have access to special contract postage rates from your organization, the direct mail campaign cost calculator will adjust with your available rates.

Option 1: Traditional  Christmas Cards – We Do It For You.

Use the online direct mail campaign builder from PostNow to place your order. You will get our best possible price, and it will only take you a short amount of time to take care of your entire Holiday Card campaign. That saves you time for other fun holiday events.

How Much Are Christmas Cards:

Below you’ll find sample pricing on holiday card packs. Postage is not included in the costs outlined below, but print, design editing, & mail prep costs are all included.


QTY Per Total
100 $2.94 $347.00
150 $2.27 $420.00
250 $1.83 $589.00
500 $1.21 $868.00
1000 $0.95 $1,475.00

Personalized Mail (Addressed Mail) postage has a standard rate of $0.525 for Canadian businesses.

Option 2: Build Your Christmas Postcards

This option provides you with the ability to self-address envelopes and write custom messages for each of your client list contacts. We offer the option to print the cards here with the standard greeting message (or not) inside. You can custom address the envelopes (we’ll pre-print your return address for you). You’ll also need to use regular stamps, which will cost $0.92/stamp instead of the $0.525 rate you can get if we print and mail on your behalf. No additional paperwork is needed when doing this type of campaign. The package we ship to you will have everything you need to get the cards in the mail. Just fill out the details and bring them to any mailbox or Canada Post office.

How Much Are Holiday Postcards:

QTY Per Total
100 $1.82 $235.00
250 $1.12 $411.00
500 $0.70 $613.00
1000 $0.48 $1,005
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