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The Role Of Direct Mail In Digital World

In today’s digital world, direct mail marketing can be a powerful tool to help you reach your target audience. By using targeted data lists and personalized messages, you can connect with potential customers in your neighbourhood or across Canada. And with technology leading the way in our lives, it’s imperative for it to be included in your marketing mix to stand out from your competitors. 

That’s why direct mail has evolved to transition into a digital world. By incorporating sophisticated online tools like PostNow, not only can you can reach your customers faster than ever before, but you can understand their shopping and lifestyle behaviours as well.

PostNow – the turnkey solution for building, designing and printing a mail campaign online can target your ideal customers using postal codes quickly and affordably!

Creating a target audience is the foundation of building a mail campaign, and choosing the right data is crucial to the success of your direct mail campaign. With access to 15 million addresses, 3 billion consumer data points and 1200 targeting attributes, an ideal target audience can be defined based on demographics, geography and even life stages and lifestyle.

There are several ways to use data points to identify your ideal target audience.

Once you’ve identified your ideal audience, you can easily create a relevant message to engage with current customers or prospects and then create a strategy for optimal timing and frequency to reach your ideal audience. Find out more about direct mail design best practices in our next webinar recap.


Demographic Targeting by PostNow
Demographic Targeting by PostNow

Building a Direct Mail Campaign with Postal Code Targeting (PCT).

PCT, also commonly known as Postal Code Targeting, can help your small business expand into new markets to gain new customers and help you to connect with your existing customers to build brand loyalty.

PCT allows small businesses to reach every address within a single postal code while simultaneously suppressing existing customer data to optimize acquisition efforts.

Read on to learn the 4 four key benefits of using Postal Code Targeting:

  • Expand Into New Markets: Identify the postal codes that match the profile of your ideal prospects
  • Optimize Your Targeting: Layer geographic, demographic and lifestyle insights onto your data to amplify your reach
  • Leverage Your Customer Data: Use postal codes from your existing customer base to target look-alike audiences most likely to respond to your marketing efforts
  • Maximize Your Acquisition Efforts: Optimize campaigns with messaging targeted to new audiences while suppressing existing customers from your mailing
Postal Code Targeting - Post Now
Postal Code Targeting – Post Now

Methods to Track Direct Mail Campaigns

Customer journeys can be hard to predict by only using direct mail campaigns so, it’s essential to integrate digital into your direct marketing mix.  By incorporating digital tools, it’s easy to follow and track the success of your campaign.

Consider using these methods to track your next direct mail campaign and make it a memorable one:

  • Coupons & Promo Codes: Incorporate an exclusive coupon code to help drive foot traffic online and in-store
  • PUrl’s: Using a personalized URL that leads to a specific landing page only available to the recipients of the direct mail campaign
  • Call tracking: Create a dedicated toll-free phone number that easily connects to the main line of your business to track the leads and performance of your direct mail campaign
  • QR Codes: Adding a QR code is an affordable way to track and measure the performance of a campaign. Recipients can scan the code leading them to a unique landing page, video, or promo offer…


Measuring your direct mail campaign is an important aspect of the marketing strategy that is typically overlooked. But it’s a significant step of the process to learn from and adapt accordingly for your next campaign.

Using these tools and tactics can not only help you measure your campaign but can ultimately spearhead your business marketing goals.

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