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Direct Mail Marketing For Small Business Owners: The Ultimate Guide

Canada Post
This ultimate guide to direct mail marketing for small business owners includes all the information you need to run a successful PostNow direct mail marketing campaign....

Real Estate Agent Direct Mail: How to Order Direct Mail Online

Our online direct mail campaign builder is coming soon. Check out how it works!...

Direct Mail for Small Business: A Webinar Series Revealing How to Harness the Power of Direct Mail in a Digital World

Resources & News
Check out our three-part webinar series where we'll show you how to elevate your brand and boost sales using direct mail for small business....

How to Prep a Direct Mail Campaign for Induction to Canada Post

Resources & News
Step 1: Design your mail items for machine processing Find all the information you need to create machineable mail in the Machineable Mail Guide. You can speed up the design process and further reduce your risk of...

Precision Targeter - Frequently Asked Questions

Resources & News
How do I get access to information on Neighbourhood Mail? For additional information on sending your neighbourhood mail through Precision Targeter, please refer to the Neighbourhood Mail Customer Guide at the link ...

QR Codes on Direct Mail: How to Take Your Direct Mail and On-Site Marketing to the Next Level

Automotive Marketing
Using QR codes on direct mail and on-site can help you create engaging and influential marketing campaigns. Here's how to enhance your marketing materials with the help of QR codes....

Direct Mail Costs: How Much Does a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Cost?

Mailhouse Services
How much does direct mail cost? Here are all of the direct mail costs that you can expect to encounter when planning a direct marketing campaign....

3 omni-channel retail trends that will impact your supply chain investment strategy

Resources & News
Dave Mack, the author of this article, is the VP of Omni-Channel Retail at SCI and is responsible for the vertical business development. Before joining SCI, he successfully led e-merchandising, sales and operatio...
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